About Certified DEF

CDEF is a national producer and distributor of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).  We operate an extensive network of DEF production and packaging facilities located across North America.  Our network was specifically put into place to service customers more efficiently and effectively throughout the country.  By providing quality product within close proximity to our customers, we cut costs on freight and improve economics. 

With our own dedicated fleet of DEF delivery trucks that are equipped to haul a combination of bulk and palletized products we have the ability to service each customers’ specific needs quickly and competitively.  Our trucks have the capacity to carry upwards of 7,500 gallons where permitted, allowing us to optimize freight costs.

All production and packaging of DEF is done at one of our state-of-the-art facilities or at one of our exchange partners' facilities where rigorous testing is performed to ensure the highest quality product that is API certified and meets ISO 22241 standards.  We continually have in-house as well as third-party testing completed along with batch samples and traceability codes kept for all DEF that is produced.

We work hard to provide a high quality product but also strive for superior service.  We understand the importance of good working relationships, accountability, reliability and the belief of delivering on our promises.  Our people are committed to taking care of customers and making the sacrifices to achieve the standards we’ve set for ourselves.

Our mission is to be a long-term supplier of diesel exhaust fluid.  We proudly define production and supply of DEF and believe through our network of production and packaging facilities, delivery fleet and committed people we are in a strong position to supply you with high quality product at low competitive prices now and into the future.