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The American Petroleum Institute

The American Petroleum Institute (API) was officially established in 1919 in New York City, however, it was in existence well before that assisting in the war effort during World War I. The loosely formed API, which at the time was known as The National Petroleum War Service Committee was made up of companies created after the court-imposed dissolution of Standard Oil and so called “independents;” companies independent from Standard Oil. The purpose of the committee was for domestic oil companies to work effectively alongside Congress to ensure petroleum provisions were swiftly delivered to the troops throughout the duration of the war.

Today the API has evolved into becoming a quality control leader in the U.S. oil industry and is quickly becoming a greater presence worldwide as foreign countries began to understand the important role they play. Their responsibility for setting industry standards and monitoring products and services introduced into the marketplace serve as an immeasurable value to manufacturers and consumers alike.

The API has since moved its offices south to Washington, DC., where they currently uphold over 500 standards and recommended procedures for the oil and natural gas industry. They have offices in 21 state capitals and represent members in 33 states. They continue to evolve and grow, priding themselves in advocacy, standardization and taxation.

The Important Role They Play in Diesel Exhaust Fluid

With the very real possibility of system complications and even worse, complete system failure due to impure diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), it’s vital in today’s market that consumers identify DEF that meets their original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) requirements. With hundreds of DEF brands to choose from, it’s important to know which ones meet the standards set for the industry and thanks to the API’s voluntary licensing program it’s possible.

The API’s Diesel Exhaust Fluid Certification Program is just one of many of their voluntary programs. This particular program permits DEF producers that meet the required specification—ISO 22241, to become licensed and use the API Diesel Exhaust Fluid Certification Mark. This allows consumers the ability to distinguish DEF that meets the industry’s set standards from DEF that falls short, ensuring systems perform properly.

Our Very Own Quality Assurance

Due to the sensitivity of DEF and repercussions of contamination, it’s incredibly important to research and buy DEF with confidence. Our mission is to provide you with a high-quality, superior product, so it’s essential that we manufacture and distribute only the finest DEF. Not only do we meet ISO 22241 specifications but we also took the extra of step of becoming API certified. We’ve also implemented our very own quality assurance program where rigorous testing is performed to ensure we produce at our facilities, only the highest quality product that is industry tested and approved. We continually have in-house and third-party testing completed along with batch samples and traceability codes kept for all DEF that we produce. And we continue to further ensure the quality and superiority of our product through our trained personnel and DEF dedicated equipment enabling us to provide you with the industry leading diesel exhaust fluid.

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