DEF Equipment

Nobody offers better diesel exhaust fluid equipment than Certified DEF. We pride ourselves in distributing superior products allowing you to get all the pieces you require to run your business safely and efficiently. Whatever industry you are in, we have the perfect DEF equipment, parts, and accessory to cover your requirements.

Ingenious Designs with Incredible Features

Our impressive range of products offers an array of features to let you do more for less. From dispensing devices to trolleys, refractometers to flow meters, we have answers that minimize hazards in your facility while improving workflow and employee productivity.

We can help your facility dispense gallons more securely and effectively; making every drop count. Our robust stands and trolleys are built to last and can hold hefty totes or drums so you can safely move pallets and ensure continual uptime at your facility.

Doing More for Less

Certified DEF is committed to helping you get the best prices on the DEF equipment and supplies you need. Our highly competitive pricing is available across the board—from top-sellers to brand new products, and everything in between. With such a wide variety of DEF equipment available at such great prices, there’s no reason to go anywhere else.

We also value loyalty, which is why we offer savings that can increase with multiple orders and bulk sales. We can help you stretch those dollars when you shop at Certified DEF. Take your operational efficiency and safety to new heights. Sign up now and shop for the most sought-after DEF equipment.

  • Drum/Tote Dispensing

  • Bulk Dispensing

  • Refractometers

  • Tote and Drum Stands

  • PowerBlankets

  • Spatco Bulk DEF Solutions