Drum/Tote Dispensing

Drum and Tote Dispensing Equipment

Create your own pumping station with our complete line of dispensing equipment designed for drums and totes. We carry all the essentials you need for your system, from DEF fluid pumps to nozzles, and everything in between. Whether you want to buy retail or wholesale, you can expect fast delivery and great value for your money.

Long-lasting, Built on Trust (can change as long as it doesn’t entail us manufacturing our own equipment. We do not, we just distribute.)

At Certified DEF we have long-lasting relationships built on trust with all our equipment manufacturers, which helps us keep our DEF fluid pumps' pricing extremely competitive. We take care of the sales and our manufacturers drop-ship directly from their warehouses so there’s no middleman and no added fees or charges.

As an API-certified supplier we implement a stringent QA program of our own to ensure optimal quality as well as stand behind every equipment product that we sell. With such a wide variety of clients from respected trucking companies to retail outlets throughout the country, we know that we can’t sell anything less than perfect. Our high standards help ensure that you get quality products, great prices, and peace of mind knowing your equipment was manufactured by some of the most trusted companies in the industry.

An Extensive Network of Locations

Wherever you are, there is a Certified DEF location near you. Our extensive network ensures that you will receive your order quickly. No matter how big or small, we promise fast, free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. With such a well-established supply chain, we’ve organized ourselves to offer shipping of drum or tote DEF fluid pumps and accessories securely so you get it in pristine condition, and the best part is you don’t have to pay anything extra. We offer shipping at no cost for every order. No hidden delivery fees or charges, period.

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