Misco DEF Refractometer


Certified DEF takes pride in stocking a range of products from the true authority in refractometry: Misco diesel exhaust fluid refractometer products and accessories. With over 60 years of experience, this brand has created a reputation as the top source of precision optical instruments to measure the mixture or concentration of water-soluble fluids.

We choose to carry only Misco because of their unmatched position in the industry. Developing and manufacturing a line of refractometers and useful accessories is their sole business, which makes their expertise truly unmatched. Misco is completely focused on perfecting this technology and they are always at the forefront of innovations in this field.

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Intuitive, Reliable, High-Quality

The urea DEF refractometer by Misco is designed for anyone whose work is related to diesel exhaust fluid. Their products are easy to understand and use regardless of your fluid measurement application or industry experience, taking the hassle out of the equation and making this scientific process simple and smooth.

At Certified DEF we have been impressed with the technology behind these sought-after devices, which is why we choose to provide not just urea refractometers to our customers but all other customizable refractometers as well. These refractometers provide accurate measurements and have robust architecture that can work for a long time without compromising quality.

Special Savings on Misco

Why buy Misco at Certified DEF? Not only can you find all the Misco items you will need to keep your business running, we also offer them at a great price, with savings for purchasing more than one item. We also have a special: buy eight refractometers together and the savings add up to getting one of them practically free.

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